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Summary Ecohydrology

- Ecohydrology
- 2021 - 2022
- Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
- Hydrology
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A snapshot of the summary - Ecohydrology

  • 1 Introduction

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  • Which process is affecting the carbon balance, energy balance and water balance?
    Evaporation mediated by plants, influencing carbon, energy water and nutrient cycles.
  • 2 Evaporation

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  • How is dry canopy evaporation called?
  • How is wet canopy evaporation called?
  • What is interception loss
    It is the portion of the precipitation that is returned to the atmosphere through evaporation from plant surfaces or is absorbed by the plant.
  • What is open-water evaporation?
    The transport of vapour as a function of the humidity gradient and the wind speed across the surface.
  • What are the four things the stomata responds to?
    1. Radiation
    2. Water vapour deficit
    3. Temperature
    4. Plant water status
  • What are the differences with the Penman-Monteith formula and the Penman formula.
    The Penman-Monteith formula includes surface resistance (rs) and the empirical wind function is replaced by aerodynamic resistance (ra). 
  • What are four types of interception?
    1. Rainfall interception
    2. Fog interception
    3. Snow interception
    4. Interception from urban areas
  • What vegetation characteristics influence interception? (3 things)
    1. The amount of leaves
    2. Shape and size of leaves
    3. The height
  • What rainfall characteristics influence interception? (2 things)
    1. Frequency
    2. Intensity

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