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- HNH: Metabolic Aspects of Nutrition
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A snapshot of the summary - edX EDGE course

  • 1 Module 1: Basic principles of micronutrients

  • 1.1.6 Introduction to basic principles

  • What are the 2 main groups that minerals can be separated into?
    Major minerals;
    Trace elements
  • What does the bio-availability of a micronutrient indicate/mean?
    The amount of a micronutrient that is actually taken up into the body
  • Why is the bio-availability of micronutrients especially relevant for minerals?
    Minerals can be present in foods, but still not be taken up into the body efficiëntly
  • 1.2.1 Overview of micronutrients

  • What are 2 main differences between macro and micro nutrients?
    The amount in which it is consumed (70-200 g macros; <1 g micros);
    Micronutrients do not provide energy to the body
  • What is the difference between organic and inorganic molecules in relation to their chemistry?
    Organic molecules contain carbon atoms, inorganic molecules do not contain carbon atoms
  • 1.2.2 Overview of micronutrients

  • What are the 2 general main purposes of vitamins in the body?
    Maintaining good health
  • What does it mean that vitamins are essential components of our diet?
    That the body cannot produce the amounts of vitamins that our bodies need; so it is essential that we take in vitamins via diet
  • How many vitamin- compounds/groups of compounds are there?
  • What are the members of the same vitamin family called?
    (EX: vitamin E is a group of compounds that resemble parent compounds, so what are the compounds in that group called?)
  • What happens within the body to a provitamin?
    A provitamin is converted within the body to a vitamin
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