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Summary Electrical Engineering: Concepts And Applications

- Marc Brysbaert, et al
ISBN-10 0273743686 ISBN-13 9780273743682
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A snapshot of the summary - Electrical Engineering: Concepts and Applications Author: Marc Brysbaert Kathy Rastle ISBN: 9780273743682

  • 1 The wider picture

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  • How do you call a civilisation before writing was invented?
    A preliterate civilisation
  • How do we call a world view with the belief that objects and nature are inhabited by spirits with human-like characteristics, which cause events to happen?
  • Of what components did the first writings consist?
    • Pictograms and phonograms
  • How do we call a sign that represents a sound or a syllable of spoken language; forms the basis of writing systems?
    A phonogram
  • How do we call a sign representing a spoken word, which no longer has a physical resemblance to the word’s meaning?
    A logograph
  • How do we call a study method in which students unquestioningly memorise and recite texts that are thought to convey unchanging truths instead of thinking critically about them?
    The scholastic method
  • What did language and numbers made possible to do?
    They made it possible to represent things in the world and represent the relation between things in the world.
  • How does writing make religion and money possible?
    • Writing makes it possible to convey ideas to other people
    • writing makes it possible to have shared ideas
    • religion is based on having shared ideas.
    • money is based on a shared value of something
  • How does language and numbers develop a concept of truth?
    • Since language and numbers represent the things in the world and the relations between them,
    • truth is the representations by language and numbers that are consistent with the actual objects and relations in the real world.
  • How does writing cause the possibility of creating a civilisation with a complex social system?
    • Through writing knowledge of agriculture could be converted to different generations, this made it possible to stay in one place and establish settlements.
    • Produce more food than is needed to feed everyone, so not everyone has to constantly arrange food.
    • This allows a community in which different people fulfill different roles, where higher ranked individuals have time.

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