Summary: Enterprise Architecture As A Bus. Strategy

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Read the summary and the most important questions on Enterprise Architecture as a Bus. Strategy

  • 1 Enterp. arch. as a Bus. Strat.

  • 1.1.3 Enterprise architecture methodologies

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  • What is the Zachman Framework?

    a taxonomy of related models for different stakeholders and aspects
  • What is the TOGAF method?

    • TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework):
      • four architectures (business, application, data, technical) and
      • Architecture Development Methodology (ADM) to develop the EA for a firm
      • Using the current (As Is) EA of the firm, the firm strategy, and Industry (Reference) Architectures 
  • What is the FEA method?

    FEA (Federal Enterprise Architecture): an extensive (USA based) EA method including a taxonomy, a process, a series of models (including reference models, ‘as is’ and target (‘to be’) models), a migration path, EA maturity levels, and success indicators to assess business value of EA 
  • What are the EA domains architect, architectural artifact and architectural description in Roger Sessions' article?

    • architect –responsible for the design of an architecture and the creation of an architectural description.
    • architectural artifact – A specific document, report, analysis, model, or other tangible that contributes to an architectural description.
    • architectural description – A collection of products [artifacts] to document an architecture.
  • What are the EA domains architectural framework, architectual methodology and architectural process in Roger Sessions' article?

    • architectural framework – A skeletal structure that defines suggested architectural artifacts, describes how those artifacts are related to each other, and provides generic definitions for what those artifacts might look like.
    • architectural methodology – A generic term that can describe any structured approach to solving some or all of the problems related to architecture.
    • architectural process – A defined series of actions directed to the goal of producing either an architecture or an architectural description.
  • What are the EA domains architectural taxonomy, architecture and enterprise architecture in Roger Sessions' article?

    • architectural taxonomy – A methodology for organizing and categorizing architectural artifacts.
    • architecture – The fundamental organization of a system embodied in its components, their relationships to each other, and to the environment, and the principles guiding its design and evolution.
    • enterprise architecture – An architecture in which the system in question is the whole enterprise, especially the business processes, technologies, and information systems of the enterprise.
  • What are the phases of the The Open Group Architecture Framework TOGAF and how long takes 1 full cylce?

    It takes a year to finish a full cycle. TOGAF advises to use Archimate as the EA toolset.
  • 1.2.1 Zachman Framework

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  • What were the first questions of the Zachman Framework and which were added later?

    • Originals:
      • What = what entities are involved in the system (firm)?
      • How = which functions are processing the entities?
      • Where = locations and interconnections in the system
    • Later added:
      • Who = who works with the system (in the firm)?
      • When = when do events occur?
      • Why = why do the activities take place?
  • What is Enterprise Architecture according to John Zachman and Jeanne Ross?

    Zachman: a modeling view (model of a process)
    Ross: An executive level guid for digitization 
  • What is an Enterprise Architecture and an EA framework?

    • Enterprise Architecture is a combination of
      • tens to thousands of artifacts (lists, tables, and diagrams)
      • that describe a business and its systems.
    • Enterprise Architecture Framework states
      • what “artifacts” or what “types of artifact” should be created, and
      • (sometimes) in what order, and
      • (sometimes) by whom

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