Summary Enterprise Architecture As Strategy Creating a Foundation for Business Execution Book cover image

Summary Enterprise Architecture As Strategy Creating a Foundation for Business Execution

- Jeanne W Ross, et al
ISBN-10 1422148173 ISBN-13 9781422148174
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A snapshot of the summary - Enterprise Architecture As Strategy Creating a Foundation for Business Execution Author: Jeanne W Ross Peter Weill David Robertson ISBN: 9781422148174

  • 1 Introduction to Zachman Framework

  • What is a database?

    a structured set of data. It is a combined set of tables. For example (Netflix) account_t or profile_t. SQL is the language for databases. It reads the tables and provides a result. 

    • What is the difference between RAM and hard disk?

    • RAM is in-memory and temporarily. If you plug-out, the data disappears. A hard disk has a database. If you plug-out it’s still saved. 

  • name some Database management systems:

    • Excel, mySQL, Microsoft Access, Word
      The problem with Excel is that you need to load the entire table to access one record --> takes a lot of time.
  • What is a flowchart and where is it used for?

    It’s hard to understand a code written by another program. Therefore, programmers communicate in flowcharts. These are language independent.
    Purpose of flowcharts: visualize what is going on in a program. Why? For communication and understanding.
    User View (command line)Developer View (C-language)Designer View (language-independent) Shown on the left
  • What is a primary key?

    the unique identifier for a table (for example student ID). It must be unique. 
  • When do you use a logical data model (relational model)

    When you want to communicate, but do not want it to be program dependent 
  • What is a conceptual model?

    cares about the design. This is higher level data model and is easier to understand for a customer. However, you cannot see which tables Netflix uses. 
  • Difference between use-case and activity digram?

    Both system and business use-case diagrams provide a bird vies. While both system and business activity diagrams provide huge detail. 
  • When are there no differences between system and business diagrams
    For example Netflix, this is a digital company. 

    All of their activities are in the systems 
  • How to transform a business diagram to a system diagram.

    You have to remove information (physical information) 
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