12 good questions and answers: "Creating identity and identification"

What are the characteristics of identity: rooted in communication?
Identity traits of a company translated through communications like advertising and publicity.
What is the corporate identity mix and what does it consists of?
The identity mix can be seen as the outer expression of the company, and crystallizes the underlying personality of the organization. It consists of: communication, behavior, and symbolism.
Name three different identity elements of an organization.
Centrality, continuity, uniqueness.
In terms of organizational identity, what is perceived identity?
The collection of attributes that are seen as typical for the "continuity, centrality and uniqueness" of the organization in the eyes of its members.
In terms of organizational identity, what is projected identity?
The self presentations of the organization's attributes manifested in the implicit and explicit signals which the organization broadcasts to internal and external target audiences through communications and symbols.
In terms of organizational identity, what is desired identity?
The idealized picture that top managers hold of what the organization could evolve into under their leadership.
In terms of organizational identity, what is applied identity?
The signals that an organization broadcasts both consciously and unconsciously through behaviors and initiatives at all levels within the organization.
Why does it take considerable effort to establish a shared identity for merged companies?
The larger an organization becomes, the greater the chance that sub-identities will emerge that decrease identification with the corporate identity.
Which four strategies can be pursued addressing the "fragmented identity syndrome"?
Compartmentalization, deletion, integration and aggregation.
Why should managers promote identification and alignment by employees with the constructed or desired identity of the company?
Employees who identify strongly with their companies are more likely to show a supportive attitude towards them.
Describe three situations when internal communication enhances employee identification.
1) When employees perceive that they are receiving enough information with which to do their jobs.
2) When employees perceive that they are receiving enough information about what the organization as a whole is doing.
3) When employees perceive that they are taken seriously by their managers.
How can external communication enhance employee identification?
When the organization's perceived reputation is high, employees are more likely to feel positively towards the organization.
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