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Summary Essentials Of International Relations

- Karen A Mingst, et al
ISBN-10 0393935299 ISBN-13 9780393935295
191 Flashcards & Notes
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A snapshot of the summary - Essentials of international relations Author: Karen A Mingst, Ivan M Arreguín Toft ISBN: 9780393935295

  • 1 Approaches to international relations

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  • How does liberalism work?
    Human nature is good. Individuals form groups and later states. States follow norms and cooperate.
  • How does realism work?
    States exist in an anarchic international system. Each state bases its policies on an interpretation of national interest defined in terms of power.
  • How does radicalism work?
    Radical theory is rooted in economics. Individuals are determined by economic class. The state is an agent of international capitalism and the international system is dominated by an international capitalist system.
  • 2 The historical context of contemporary international relations

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  • Two core principles that came after the american + french revolutions
    -absolutist rule is subject to limits imposed by man
  • What was the aim of the league of nations?
    It was an intergovernmental organisation designed to prevent all future wars.
  • What is imperialism and what is colonialism?
    imperialism: the annexation of a distant countrty
    colonialism: settling of people from the home country among the native people of a distant territory.
  • 3 facts about the treaties of westphalia
    -ends 30 years war
    -embraced notion of sovereignty
    -people began to think in nations and states with own armies
    (-core group of people dominating the world
  • difference NATO&Warsaw pact?
    Nato- western europe+USA+AUS
    Warsaw pact- eastern europe
  • What was the domino effect?
    that communism was feared to spread like a chain of dominos falling through asia and beyond.
  • 3 International Relation Theories

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  • Why are International Institutions important?
    To provide economic stability and international security. long-term plans were created with the goal of making a healthier, fairer, more stable, and peaceful world.

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