Summary Essentials of Organizational Behavior An Evidence-Based Approach Book cover image

Summary Essentials Of Organizational Behavior An Evidence-Based Approach

- Terri A Scandura
ISBN-10 1506310796 ISBN-13 9781506310794
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A snapshot of the summary - Essentials of Organizational Behavior An Evidence-Based Approach Author: Terri A Scandura ISBN: 9781506310794

  • 1 What is organisational behaviour?

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  • Define the concept of organizational behavior (OB).
    It is the study of individuals and their behaviors at work. It is a multidisciplinary and multilevel research area that draws from applied psychology, cultural anthropology, communication, and sociology.
  • What was the result of the Hawthorne studies?
    Human element in organizations is more important than previously thought, and they learned that workers want attention.
  • Describe 4 goals of science.
    Description: What does the process look like
    Prediction: Will the process occur again? And when?
    Explanation: Why is this happening?
    Control: Can we change whether or not this happens?
  • Why theories are important to Organizational Behavior?
    Theories build upon prior research and extend into new areas of importance to leaders. A researcher generates hypotheses about human behavior in organizations and then gathers data to test it. Research eliminates the guesswork about what will work (or not work), and this helps leaders solve the problems they face every day. 
  • What is Evidence-Based Management (EBM)?
    The ability to translate research to practice.
  • 1.1 Evidence-based management

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  • What is Evidence Based Management?
    EBM means making decisions about the management of employees, teams or organisations through the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of four sources of information:

    1. The best available scientific evidence
    2. The best available organisational evidence
    3. The best available experimental evidence 
    4. Organisational values and stakeholders' concerns
  • How can a leader use sources of evidence to make better decisions?
    Leaders must have:
    1. The ability (skills and competencies)
    2. The motivation (behavioral beliefs, behavioral control, and normative beliefs)
    3. The opportunity (support that overcomes barriers)
    To practice EBM.
  • What enables a more effective evidence-based process?
    The ‘fit’ between the decision maker and the organizational context.
  • What is essential for EBM to work in practice?
    Leader involvement at all levels and collaboration with researchers. 
  • What is organizational behavior?
    The behavior of employees

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