Leading Change and Stress management - Leading change

3 important questions on Leading Change and Stress management - Leading change

What is Lewin’s Three-Step Model?

(1) unfreezing;  challenges the status quo by shaking up assumptions
(2) changing;  represents movement toward a new desired state
(3) refreezing;  the changes by reinforcing and restructuring is the third phase to make the changes permanent.

What are the 8 steps of Kotter's step model?

(1)   Establish a sense of urgency.

(2)  Form a powerful guiding coalition.In this step, an initial core of believers is assembled. This coalition for change needs to have three to five people.
(3)   Create a vision. A compelling “picture” of the future must be created. This vision motivates people and keeps the change processes aligned.
(4) Communicate the vision.
(5) Empower people to act on the vision.
(6) Plan for and create short-term wins.
(7) Consolidate improvements and sustain the momentum for change.
(8) Institutionalise the new approaches.

What is restructuring and downsizing?

Restructuring and downsizing is a kind of organisational change and it is seen as one of the most challenging ones.

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