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Summary Experience Human Development

- Diane Papalia, et al
ISBN-10 0077861841 ISBN-13 9780077861841
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A snapshot of the summary - Experience Human Development Author: Diane Papalia Ruth Feldman Gabriela Martorell ISBN: 9780077861841

  • 1 About Human Development

  • 1.1.1 An ever-evolving field

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  • What does the study of human development contain?
    Focusses on the scientific study of the systematic processes of change and stability in people. How do people change from conception through maturity and which characteristics stay the same.
  • What does life-span development mean?
    Used to be just about children development, now it's from womb to tomb. From the beginning of life to the end of life.
  • 1.1.2 Basic concepts

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  • What is a part of physical development?
    Growth of:
    - body
    - brain 
    - sensory capacities
    - motor skills
    - health
  • What is a part of cognitive development?
    Growth of:
    - learning     - attention     - memory
    - language   - thinking      - reasoning
    - creativity
  • What is a part of psychosocial development?
    Growth of:
    - emotions
    - personality
    - social relationships
  • These three developments are seperate, but also?
    They are interrelated. Each aspect of one of the developments affects the other ones.
  • What does a social construction mean?
    Separating the life span in periods. It's an invention of a particular culture or society. So this can be different in multiple cultures or societies.
  • What are the physical developments in the prenatal period?
    - conception occurs
    - genetic endowment interacts with environmental influences from the start
    - basic body structures and organs form: growth spurt brain.
  • When is physical growth the most rapid?
    In the prenatal period
  • What is a big vulnerability in the prenatal state?
    Environmental influences

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