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- Zhu Hua
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Study Cards on cultural, acculturation, identity

What emerges from the processes of migration and contacts with other groups?
New values and dynamics.
What is cultural acculturation?
The cultural and psychological changes that result from the contact between cultural groups, including the attitudes and behaviours that are generated.
Which four levels of acculturation are identified by Berry (2006), depending on degree to which native cultural identity is maintained and degree of contact with the host culture?
  • assimilation
  • integration
  • separation
  • marginalisation
Why is cultural identity an issue especially facing the second generation of migrant families?
They have spent formative years in host countries outside their parents' home countries. They face unusually complex issues of developing their own socio-cultural identities and, at the same time, challenges in their transition to adulthood being exposed to possibly conflicting sets of cultural values and practices.
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