4 good questions and answers about "Teaching culture as content"

What is the culture capsule technique?
It encourages explicit discussion of the difference between one's own culture and the target language culture, facilitated by visual illustrations of the differences. The visual illustrations and a summary of the discussion will be put into a capsule for later use.
What is the culture assimilators technique?
It takes the form of scenario-based questions and answers. In each scenario, a critical incident of intercultural communication is described and a number of possible explanations are given.
What is the culture island technique?
It aims to raise one's awareness about cultural differences through decorating the classroom with posters, pictures, or anything else that remind students of the target language culture, and encouraging students to think and talk about them.
What is the drama technique?
It provides an opportunity for students to act out intercultural interactions in which misunderstandings take place, and then to explore possible explanations and solutions in the classroom.
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