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- Zhu Hua
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Study Cards on identification, activities, membership

How do participants do cultural identities?
  1. membership categorisation as a prerequisite
  2. whether a person's cultural membership is relevant or operative is achieved loyally through moments of identification by participants of interaction
  3. the paradox of identification on the spur of the moment and control
  4. indexical and symbolic cues of relevant category-bound activities and features
What is the Membership Categorization Device?
People use language to order objects of the world into categories such as family, Londoner, Mexican, student, etc. If someone displays a certain set of features or carries out particular actions usually associated with a category (category-bound activities), she would be cast as a member of the category.
What is the model of hierarchy of identity?
A person's various identities are allocated in a hierarchy based on the degree of salience it claims through moment of identification.
What are moments of identification?
Specific points in interactions or social activities for participants to signal their identity work through various means and resources.
What are contextualization cues?
Any feature of linguistic form that contributes to signalling of contextual presuppositions.
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