Family - Intercultural couples (Can love speak without words?) - Living with intercultural differences

4 important questions on Family - Intercultural couples (Can love speak without words?) - Living with intercultural differences

What happens when people of difficult cultures marry?

It is the meeting of two cultures, since an individual's value system reflects to some degree that of his or her culture of origin.

To what is a breakdown of the relationship between partners in an intercultural couple often attributed?

Failure in the reconciliation of cultural differences between them.

What is Piller's progressive account?

Instead of seeing intercultural differences as an attributable variable, everyday practices of intercultural couples should be examined progressively over the time of the relationship and through nuances analysis of bilingual talk.

What are Piller's main supporting arguments for this progressive account?

  • intercultural communication is not relevant all the time for intercultural couples, although it may be prominent in the early stages of a relationship
  • intercultural couples tend to find themselves progressively less likely to frame their communication as intercultural as the relationship becomes more established
  • intercultural couples seek to construct similarities, deconstruct differences as well as to accent differences through their language and communication strategies
  • some existing evidence suggests that for some couples, they tend to see themselves as individuals but their partners as representatives of a different culture

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