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Study Cards on l2, different, l1

Pavlenko (2005) provided an overview of findings from bilingual studies which have either direct or indirect bearing on the debate in a number of areas including which?
  • colour
  • categorisation of objects and substances
  • number
  • space
  • motion
  • tame
  • emotions
  • personhood
  • discourse
  • inner speech
  • autobiographical memory
  • written narratives
What are new interesting insights into the relation between language, thought and culture?
  • bilinguals are able to draw on different linguistic repertories, stances and interpretations and to construct different identities when describing personal experiences in different languages
  • narratives expressed in the language of the event seem to be more efficient, accurate, detailed and emotional
  • bilinguals may form two distinct emotion repertoires and conceptualisations in their two different languages
What are the seven processes of conceptual restructuring in bilingual minds?
  1. co-existence of L1 and L2 categories
  2. the influence of L1 on L2 categories
  3. convergence of L1 and L2 categories
  4. restructuring in the direction of L2 categories
  5. internalisation of new categories absent in L1
  6. the influence of L2 on L1
  7. attribution of L1 categories
What are the processes of conceptual restructuring in bilingual minds conditioned by?
  • age of acquisition of L2
  • context of acquisition
  • length of exposure
  • language proficiency
  • frequency of language use
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