6 questions on "Teaching language-and-culture: an integrated approach"

What is the teaching culture-as-content approach?
It assumes that culture is another dimension of language learning in addition to pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar, and therefore separable from language.
Which perspectives on what is to be integrated and how to integrate it, and which different teaching methods and techniques are part of an integrated approach?
  • The need to integrate the learner's native culture and language into language and culture learning.
  • The need to integrate culture at all levels of language teaching.
  • The need to make cultural awareness an essential and integrated component of communicative competence.
Work from this perspective has moved away from which approach to which?
From a theme-oriented approach to one that gives more attention to the learner's background, such as their native culture and their motivations in learning a second or foreign language.
By what is work from this perspective very much influenced?
The notion of communicative competence, i.e. the idea that the knowledge of how to use and interpret a language in a context-sensitive and culturally appropriate way is essential to successful communication.
What is the cultural turn in language teaching in the 1990s?
Byram and colleagues placed culture at centre stage in language and culture pedagogy.
What did Byram (1989) include in his early model for foreign language teaching?
Cultural awareness, cultural experience and language awareness in addition to language learning.
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