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Study Cards on learners, learning, classroom

What is active participation?
An optimal learning condition in teachers' professional development manuals. It maximises learning opportunities and thus contributes to learners' success. Quietness, reticence and passivity are seen as problematic and deficient and frequently attributed to a lack of willingness to take part on the learners' behalf.
What is a difference of the distribution of turns and the quality of contribution between native speakers and L2 learners?
Non-native speakers' turns tend to be brief, less forthcoming, often inaccessible to others, and provide only minimal responses.
Why is the validity of often-cited binary contrast between native speakers of English and L2 learners in their participation patterns in classroom discussion questionable?
There is significant within-group variation: each group is internally heterogeneous and includes members who are outspoken and those who are reluctant to participate; one individual student's non-participation may have different causes or meanings across classroom contexts or in the same classroom context over time, and therefore needs to be examined in a specific context.
Which factors have been reported to explain the observed lack of participation among learners?
  • Culture of learning in L2 learners' first language and native culture
  • Language learning anxiety
  • Linguistic proficiency
  • Interactional patterns
  • Content-related issues
  • Language ideology
  • Teachers' classroom discourse style
  • Personalities
  • An act and outcome of co-construction and negotiation
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