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Study Cards on learning, intercultural, icc

What is unique about intercultural learning?
  • intercultural learning takes various forms through a variety of means
  • ICC is not something one either has or not
  • some aspects of ICC benefit more from direct contact than other aspects
  • to achieve optima intercultural learning through intercultural experience, it is essential to get the right balance between challenge and support
  • support, provided at the right moment at the right place, enables the learner to maximise affordance and to transform from just being there to participation and engagement.
In which ways can differentation in intercultural learning be made?
  • locations of learning
  • degree of direct contact
  • culture-specificity
  • educational level
How does ICC develop?
ICC develops incrementally over time through learning in classroom and, simultaneously, learning from the real world.
What is the effect of intercultural learning through participation in intercultural exchanges or study abroad programmes compared to classroom-based training?
The former can increase participants' knowledge of the host culture, improve fluency in the host country language, reduce anxiety in interacting with people from different cultures, develop sensitivity to cultural difference and increase efficacy, whereas the latter enables learners to acquire knowledge about another culture and the process off communication and to reflect on their own practice under the lecturer's guidance.
What makes a difference to the success of intercultural learning?
The support from their cultural mentors and structured learning, which helps the learner make sense of their intercultural learning experience.
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