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- Zhu Hua
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Study Cards on schemas, knowledge, cultural

What is mismatch in schemas?
The kind of mis- or non-understanding triggered by lack of knowledge about the system and procedures.
Which different types of schemas exist?
  • fact-and-concept schemas
  • person schemas
  • self schemas
  • role schemas
  • context schemas
  • procedure schemas
  • strategy schemas
  • emotion schemas
What are fact-and-concept schemas?
General information about facts
What are person schemas?
Knowledge about different types of people, including personality traits
What are role schemas?
Knowledge about social roles and behaviours that are expected of people in particular social positions
What are context schemas?
Information about the situation and appropriate settings of behavioural parameters
What are procedure schemas?
Knowledge about the appropriate sequence of events in common situations
What are emotion schemas?
Information about emotional states and affect association with events, activities or states
What is cultural stereotypes?
Knowledge about other cultural or ethnic groups in the person schemas. They can filter our attention. If we have negative stereotypes, we tend to look for evidence to confirm them, ignoring the fact that these cultural stereotypes can be wrong and they are no more than best guesses.
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