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Study Cards on tour, tourists, guides

What is the role of tour guide?
It is seen as having developed out of that of the grand tour tutor, who acted as a pathway finder and mentor to guide young aristocrats throughout their educational journey. Nowadays, tour guides are expected to perform a number of roles.
Which roles do tour guides have in the generic job description?
  1. interactive media
  2. mediator
  3. intercultural mediator
  4. creator of opportunities for intercultural contact and stimulator of meaningful exchanges between tourists and the local people.
How do tour guides act as interactive media?
Through selecting, foregrounding and endorsing information they pass on to tourists. They shape, confirm, correct or extent tourists' knowledge and understanding about the destination.
How do tour guides act as a mediator?
They are the most important link between the tour operator, programme and customer satisfaction, they work directly with the customers, guiding and attending to them, managing and organising, advising and innovating and explaining and mediating.
How do tour guides act as intercultural mediator?
Local tour guides are very often seen by tourists as representatives of the local culture. They introduce tourists to cultural differences and facilitate and guide them in their discovery and appreciation of culturally specific customs and phenomena.
How do tour guides create opportunities for intercultural contact and stimulate meaningful exchanges between tourists and the local people?
They have to work very hard to disconform tourists' negative or out-of-date images or stereotypes.
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