Summary: Export A Practical Guide | 9789001795740 | Marlies Harlaar, et al

Summary: Export A Practical Guide | 9789001795740 | Marlies Harlaar, et al Book cover image
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Read the summary and the most important questions on Export a practical guide | 9789001795740 | Marlies Harlaar, Michiel Ouwehand, Otto de Leeuw.

  • 1 preparing for export

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  • How is protection implemented by the government?

    By import duties, import restrictions or non-tariff restrictions. Both import duties and import restrictions stimulate internal production and slow down imports. 
  • There are three phases within export development. Which?

    From passive to active exporter, from active export to international marketing and from international marketing to international entrepreneurship. 
  • What can be a consideration for active export?

    Being present in more foreign markets increases your commercial opportunities
  • What is essential in export?

    Planning for the future
  • What is one of the three essential questions in an export plan?

    Will export to market X contribute to the growth objectives of the firm?
  • Many firms are managing to write success stories about export. But not all. Too many over-enthusiastic entrpreneurs are entering foreisgn markets without proper preparation. As a result, they are running the risk of having their export business fail, often with large financial losses. What are the 10 obstacles to export success?

    1. Administrative burden
    2. Cannot find a good partner abroad
    3. Insufficient knowledge of foreign markets
    4. Insufficient knowledgeof local testing and quality requirements
    5. Insufficient knowledge of local distribution channels
    6. Insufficient knowledge of customs and excise regulations
    7. Language problems
    8. Transportation problems
    9. Currency problems
    10. Insufficient financing
  • 1.1 stimulating exports

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  • The general liberalization of international trade (internationale handel)  and abolishment (afschaffing) of borders within trade blocks such as the EU and NAFTA have created not only more opportunity for business, but more competition as well.What are the three major export objectives of the Government? 

    1. General strategy: to improve the competitive position of the domestic business world with regard to foreign companies

    2. Trade policy (handelspolitiek): to lift as many barriers (opheffing blokkades)  as possible to foreign trade 

    3. Export policy (exportbeleid): to stimulate domestect companies to do business abroad. 
  • wich 2 reasons are there for protecting a market?

    (un)employment issues, overproduction

  • 1.2 export development

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  • active export -> international marketing

    familiriazed with the foreign market, researching specific needs of customers abroad and adapting elements of your marketing mix to satisify those needs. Export orientation spread trough whole the company. 
  • international marketing to internations entreprenership

    Intense focus on foreign market, partnerships and collaborations etc

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