Summary Export management (english edition) a european perspective Book cover image

Summary Export management (english edition) a european perspective

- P de Blot, et al
ISBN-10 9001700322 ISBN-13 9789001700324
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A snapshot of the summary - Export management (english edition) a european perspective Author: P de Blot in J Veldman board A C G M Bastiaansen ISBN: 9789001700324

  • 1 Export from a European and a global perspective

  • 1.1 Export in the context of developments in the world economy

  • In the World Economic Outlook, who were still the dominant influences on the economic prospects of the rest of the world, according to the IMF's semi-annual forecast for the world economy (2006-2007)?
    • USA
    • Europe
  • Is the internationalization in Europe slowing down since the credit crunch (kredietcrisis)?

    No, it is progressing within Europe in particular.

  • Who remain the Netherlands' favourite trading partners, despite of the recession?
    1. Germany
    2. Belgium
    3. UK & France
    5. Spain
  • Top five countries for expected growth in export turnover within the EU:
    1. Romania
    2. Estonia
    3. Poland
    4. Sweden
    5. Bulgaria
  • Through which major hubs of Dutch logistical activity is effected a significant proportion of international trade?
    • The ports of Rotterdam & Amsterdam
    • Schiphol airport
  • What percentage of the Dutch export finds its destination within the EU member states?
  • Which markets are growing markets outside the EU?
    1. China
    2. Russia
    3. Brazil
    4. India
    5. USA
  • The Netherlands is an important global player both in ... and ...
    1. International commodity trade
    2. Providing international services
  • What are considered to be the key factors of the Dutch in the export market?
    1. Increased sales efforts (with the aid of more export staff or more agents and/or dealers)
    2. Improved economic situation
    3. Better product range
    4. Increase in selling price
    5. Establishing own sales office
    * The positive image of Dutch products
  • Factors that strongly influence the export situation:
    1. The cost of products and wages in the Netherlands
    2. Protectionism outside the EU
    3. Administrative costs
    4. Extent of product range, level of entrepreneurship and knowledge of foreign languages
    5. Product innovation
    6. Having a good local partner abroad
    7. Training of export staff
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