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Summary Finance For Positive Change

- Finance for Positive Change
- Schoenmaker
- 2021 - 2022
- Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Rotterdam)
- Bedrijfskunde
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A snapshot of the summary - Finance for Positive Change

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  • 1.1 Lecture 1

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  • What is a good indicator to check a companies dedication towards sustainability?
    capex = where are the future investments going into
  • Where do the EV, SV en FV in this picture stand for?
    Enviromental issues
    Societal issues
    Financial issues
  • What are the formulas to calculate and later maximize the value of the shareholder, stakeholder and integrated model
    See here
  • What are the 2 boundaries companies have to operate within?
    Planetary boundaries (ceiling)
    Social boundaries (foundation)
  • What can be said about the different positive and negatieve values that companies typically create?
    Companies create a positive financial value and almost as much negative social value as positive social value. Looking at environmental value companies create a lot of negative value and try to hide this by create just a little bit of positive environmental value.
  • Where do companies focus on on the short term? And where do they focus on on the long term?
    On the short ánd long term companies are focused on FV. However, on the long term companies are forced to focus on the integrated value to still be able to maximize financial value
  • Due what three ways can companies be forced to internalise?

    - Regulation (carbon prices; restrictions/ban)

    - Technological progress (renewables < fossil fuels)
    - Customer behaviour (consumers switch to new products)
  • What are the outward movements from financial value to society and the environment called? What are the inwards called?
    Outward = impacts
    Inward = dependencies
  • Which possible outcomes are there between on one hand F value creating and destroying activities and on the other hand S+E value creating and destroying activities
    Zie hier
  • What are a few sustainability transitions that are currently occuring?

    1) Climate - energy transition: Moving from the use of fossil fuels to renewable energy

    2) Raw materials - circular economy: Redesign and recycle products leading to less use of raw materials

    3) Biodiversity – healthy food and regenerative agriculture: Trend towards healthy food production with respect for land

    4) Labour practices - social transition: Trend towards decent labour practices across the value chain of production

    5) Digital transition: 

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