Summary Follow Up Engels idioom 4/5 H Book cover image

Summary Follow Up Engels idioom 4/5 H

- P J van der Voort
ISBN-10 9042536519 ISBN-13 9789042536517
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A snapshot of the summary - Follow Up Engels idioom 4/5 H Author: P J van der Voort ISBN: 9789042536517

  • 1 1 Education (1)

  • Opleiden : he was ....... at cambridge university.

    to educate

  • scholenemeenschap: a ......... is a combination of schools


  • gymnasium: at a ........ you also learn latin and greek

    grammar school

  • kostschool: she is at a ....... because her parents live in Italy

    boarding school

  • vak: my favourite ..... are english and history


  • vernieuwen: there are plans to ..... the school system

    to innovate

  • vernieuwing: not all ..... in education produce better results


  • vernieuwend: the school introduced ...... teaching methods


  • afstuderen: she .... from oxford university

    to graduate

  • afgestudeerde: .......... of this university easily get a job


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