Energy homeostasis and energy balance - Energy value of nutrients

6 important questions on Energy homeostasis and energy balance - Energy value of nutrients

How many calories do fat protien and carbohydrates and alcohol have?

fat: 9 cal/g
protein: 4 cal/g
carbohydrate: 4 cal/g
alcohol: 7 cal/g

What is the gross energy intake?

All energy in a food product.
not everything can be taken up by the body, 98% for carbohdyrates, 95% fort fats and 92% for proteins.
Determons how much heat is libirated by consumption

What is the digestible enrgy?

The amount of energy that is absorbed, depends on digestibility of food product

What is the metabolizable energy?

Left energy after accounting for lossing feces and urin,
Proteins 20% of energy is absorbed AA is lost in urin.

What kind of energy do you see on the labels?

metalizable energy

What is the metalisable energy of fibers?

In USA 4 cal/g (only soluble fibers)
IN EU cal/g (bouth fibers)

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