Lipids - Fat tissue

5 important questions on Lipids - Fat tissue

What does lipoprotien lipase do?

It breaks down triglicerides in the chylomicrons and decides of they are going to the muscles of fat tissues.

What happens with fat if you are gaining and if you are losing weight?

Gaining weight --> more fat goes into the cell then out
Losing weight --> for fat goes out of the cells then in.

Both happen during the day. The one that ismore decides if you gian or lose weight.

How can the size of fat deposit increase?

  1. hypertrophic obesity: individual cells become bigger
  2. hyperplastic obesity: number of fat cells increases.

The 1st one happens most with obesity

What is the fat cell turnover?

Time to renew all fat cels
10 years a fat cel lasts.

What is brown fat?

This tissue is albe to produce heat, this is done by chemically uncoupling. For this mitochondria are necessary. The fat lays in the tissue in small droplets instead of one big one.
Induced thermogenesis.

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