Proteins and Health - Introduction Proteins

5 important questions on Proteins and Health - Introduction Proteins

What are the main proteins in hair and mucle?

Hair: keratin
Muscle: actin

What are the limiting proteins in wheat and legumes?

rice: lipin
legumes: methionie

Gelatin is a very poor quality animal protein. It is one of the few foods that cause a net loss of protein if eaten exclusively. Gelatin is derived from an animal protein that serves important structural functions in numerous tissues.
a) which one?
b) which amino acids are lacking or absent in gelatin?
c) why would the exclusive consumption of gelatin cause a net loss of protein (=negative N balance)?

a. Made from collagen
b. triptosin
c. Protein absorbed = protein broken down. When the absorbed protein can not make new body proteins you have anegative N balance.

The synthesis of body proteins is often compared to building a house, with the bricks signifying amino acids. However, a fundamental difference separates the two. Explain.

Your body replaced the briks. So you have a turnover of the protiens

Amino acids are not secreted into the urine as such but are first converted into a metabolite rich in nitrogen. What is the name of this metabolite and where is it produced?

Urea, This is produced in the liver

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