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Summary Food Flavour Design

- Food Flavour Design
- 2021 - 2022
- Wageningen University (Wageningen University, Wageningen)
- Food Technology
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A snapshot of the summary - Food Flavour Design

  • 1 Flavour Generation

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  • Who was the pioneer of the oxidation reaction?
    Antoine Lavoisier (1772).
  • What is the starting point of oxidation reactions?
    Phenolic compounds (primary substrates for oxidation) that degrade into aldehydes, ketones, organic acids, amongst other.
  • Is the formation of aldehydes and ketones positive or negative in wine?
    Positive in red whine, negative in white wine.
  • Who discovered the structure of water?
    Guy-Lissac (1810).
  • Who discovered that fermentation was a biological process?
  • By whom and when was the Maillard reaction discovered?
    Louis Camille Maillard (1912).
  • Who are the 3 key pioneers? And with which products?
    • Antoine Lavoisier (1742-1794) --> wine 
    • Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) --> wine
    • Louis Camille Maillard (1878 - 1939) --> coffee, bread, meat, beer
  • 1.1 Lipid oxidation in a multiphase food system and strategies for prevention

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  • What are the results of lipid oxidation?
    • Decrease in nutritional value
    • Formation of volatile compounds, associated with unpleasant off-flavours, such as rancid smell
  • Which lipids are polar and which are non-polar?
    Polar --> phospholipids
    Non-polar --> triacylglycerols
  • Are phospholipids polar or non-polar?

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