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Summary Food Quality Analysis and Judgement

- Food Quality Analysis and Judgement
- Bolhuis
- 2021 - 2022
- Wageningen University (Wageningen University, Wageningen)
- Food Quality Management
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A snapshot of the summary - Food Quality Analysis and Judgement

  • Introduction to FQAJ

  • Why is high quality food needed to satisfy consumer?
    • Consumers decide what to buy based on their preferences. 
    • Consumer decides on food quality 
  • Demand oriented supply chain:  5 most important quality aspects according to consumers?
    • Sensory (taste, odour, texture)
    • Health
    • Convenience 
    • Process characteristics ( organic, fair trade)
    • Shelf life
  • What are elements of Food Quality Analysis Cascade?
    1. Variation/Decay
    2. Food Quality Attributes
    3. Measurements of food properties 
    4. Interpretation Judgement 
    5. Decisions
    6. Food Quality 
  • What are the steps of Quality Control circle?
    • Measuring 
    • Comparing with target values
    • Regulation: direction of correction
    • Corrective action 
  • What is effect of Safety issue?
    Safety issues always lead to recalls, e.g.
    • Chemical hazard
      • Pieces of metals
      • Pesticides
    • Microbiological hazard
      • Bacteria, virus, yeast 
  • What is the meaning of 'Food behaviour'?
    • Includes the natural variation of composition of foods
  • Give 5 examples of time depended food processes:
    • Microbiological: growing of bacteria
    • Physical: Changes in physical product state over time
    • Chemical: Transformation of a set of chemical substance into new substance over time. Eg. Oxidation 
    • Biochemical: Enzymatic processes like browning of bananas
    • Physiological : changes in product composition ( chilling injury)
  • What are causes of variation regarding human behavior?
    • Variability in individual decision-making behavior
      • personal characteristic, individual differences 
    • Variation in the existing conditions in company
      • People, Organization, information  
  • What are causes of variation regarding technological processes?
    Food processing and production: 
    •  Adjusting time-temperature conditions
    • Frying temperature/time 
    • Equipment used
    • Packaging conditions
    • etc. 
  • What are Extrinsic attributes of consumer regarding quality perception?
    • Production systems characteristics
    • Attributed quality by marketing/communication 
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