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Summary Food Quality Management

- Food Quality management
- 2021 - 2022
- Wageningen University (Wageningen University, Wageningen)
- Food Quality Management
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A snapshot of the summary - Food Quality management

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  • *Explain why producing high quality food is complex?
    It is complex because of the ambiguity and uncertainty in each factor of FQM
  • *Describe what food quality management is?

    aiming to realise food quality in food production processes -> combining Food Quality and Quality Management
  • *Which factors 5 factors inflence FQM?
    • Consumers characteristics
    • Food production system properties
    • Food business external environment
    • Food business internal environment
    • Agri-food supply chain features
  • *Describe what quality is?
    • Quality is meeting or exceeding customer and consumer expectations
    • The product possesses quality if it helps somebody and enjoys a sustainable market
  • Describe what food quality is from a product perspective?
    • Intrinsic attributes
      • Safety, shelf life, convenience, flavour, health 
    • Extrinsic attributes 
      • Attribute quality, production system characteristics 
  • *Describe what food quality is from a business perspective?
    • Product quality
      • Availability, food quality, cost
    • Organisation quality
      • Flexibility, Dependability, Service
  • *Describe the two managerial kinds of variation that influence food quality?
    • Human properties and their decision ( the human itself)
    • The administrative conditions and management activities ( the organisational processes)
  • *Describe the techno-managerial approach?
    • Viewing food quality from different angels
    • Not only from a technological viewpoint but also from a managerial viewpoint: economics, education, etc.
  • *Describe the three major challenges for food quality managers?
    1. Complexity of agri-food production chain
    2. Interaction between food products and food professionals dealing with food products
    3. High requirement on food quality bys consumers and society 
  • What are the 5 steps to solve a food quality problem?
    1. Select the relevant model
      1. find deviations 
    2. Describe the theoretical essence of the model 
      1. to show what you know 
    3. Explain the practical relevance of the model 
    4. Assign the information to the elements of the model 
    5. Derive conclusion from this assignment 

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