Summary: Foundations Of Behavioral Neuroscience | 9781292021966 | Neil R Carlson

Summary: Foundations Of Behavioral Neuroscience | 9781292021966 | Neil R Carlson Book cover image
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  • 2 Structure and functions of cells of the nervous system

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  • What types of neurons are there?

    Motor->controls muscle contraction
    Sensory -> detects changes in environment
    Inter-> located entirely within cns
  • What are the 4 basic structures of a neuron?

    Soma-Cell body
    Dendrite- recipients of messages
    Axons- senders of messages
    Terminal buttons - synapses at the end of the axons
  • What is a microtubule?

    Strand of protein filaments with hollow core to transport substances from place to place within cells.
  • What is a microglia?

    The smallest glia cell they act as a phagocyte. Protects the brain from invading organism
  • How are electrical potentials of axons measured?

    Via electrodes and microelectrodes
  • What does the sodium potassium pump do?

    Pumps 3 sodium ions out and 2 potassium ions in. So maintaining the negative potential.
  • What causes the undershoot of the action potential?

    Potassium channels are still opened, so conductance of potassium is greater than it is in resting state
  • What is saltatory conduction?

    Conduction of action potentials by myelinated axons. Jumps from node of ranvier to the next.
  • What is ionotropic receptor?

    A receptor that contains a binding site for a neurotransmitter and an ion channel that opens when a molecule of the NT attaches to the binding site.
  • What is a G protein?

    A protein coupled to metabotropic receptor, conveys messages to other molecules when a ligand binds and activates the receptor.

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