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Study Cards on biopolymers, moisture, permeability

Are biopolymers soluble in water?
Yes, very soluble, as they are hydrophilic by nature.
What is the disadvantage of the high solubility of biopolymers?
It has a high moisture permeability. One would preferentially not use them for the design of a moisture barrier.
Why can biopolymers be a useful barrier?
Against oxygen, carbon dioxide and lipid components. Their mechanical properties are very good, especially when combined with a plasticiser. They combine good film elasticity (tensile strength) with a good elongation at break.
When can the high solubility of biopolymers be useful as a barrier?
When the film should disappear during the use of the product.
How can the permeability and the mechanical properties of biopolymers be influenced?
By the pH, as the biopolymers have charge. When the biopolymer is near the pI, its behaviour will be more hydrophobic, while its mechanical strength is less.
Are the mechanical properties of biopolymers good or bad?
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