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Study Cards on cacas, shear, breakage

What is the mechanism to order a product on molecular scale? And for larger structures?
  • Molecular scale --> self-assembly
  • Larger structures --> deformation
What is shear banding?
Structure formation in an heterogeneous material.
It is the ability of a flowing liquid to form adjacent regions that have a shear-rate discontinuity at their interface.
How can anisotropic structures be made from biopolymer mixtures?
Simple shear flow.
How are the molecular breakage of starch and shear stress related?
A higher shear stress gives a higher molecular breakage of starch.
What is the difference between NaCas and CaCas structures after simple shear flow? And what is the difference caused by?
NaCas --> no fibrous structures
CaCas --> fibrous structures

CaCas dispersion contained larger micelles, which makes the CaCas micelles more susceptible to hydrodynamic (shear) flow. In addition, due to the presence of calcium, it is expected that the attractive forces between the micelles are larger in the case of CaCas-dispersion.

CaCas --> shear-thickening at low shear rates, shear-thinning at high shear rates
NaCas --> shear-thinning (liquid-like) --> self-assembly under flow, not significantly altered by shear
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