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Study Cards on cross-linked, polymers, elastomers

What distinguished food biopolymer products from synthetic polymer (non-food) products?
The presence of water (solvent)
How can synthetic polymers be distinguished?
  1. Homopolymers --> 1 type of monomer
  2. Copolymer --> 2 types of monomers, alternating, blockwise or randomly oriented
  3. Terpolymer --> 3 types of monomers
How can polymers be distinguished based as a function on their structure-related behaviour?
  • Thermoplastic polymers
  • Thermoset polymers
  • Elastomers
What is the structure and function of thermoplastic polymers?
Linear chains and melt upon heating
What is the structure and function of thermoset polymers?
Heavily cross-linked and cannot melt
What is the structure and function of elastomers?
Slightly cross-linked and show elastic properties
How is the polymer sample dispersed if PDI-value is 1?
Mono-disperse, all polymer chains have the same length
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