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Study Cards on eddies, laminar, emulsions

When does turbulent flow take place?
When flow rates are high
What is the mechanism of turbulent flow?
For larger droplets, many of the swirls and eddies are smaller than the droplets. The impinge on the droplets, deforming them, and when the deformation is sufficiently strong and lasts for sufficiently long time, the droplet will break up into smaller ones.
How are the turbulence, the size of eddies (draaikolken) and the forces related?
  • Turbulence not too large --> eddies similar size as droplets --> viscous forces by eddies dominate
  • Turbulence very large --> eddies very small --> inertial forces of liquid impinging on the droplets dominate
Is flow in a colloid mill turbulent/laminar and which forces (viscous/inertial) dominate?
Laminar/turbulent, dependent on viscosity of product.
W/O emulsions --> viscosity high --> viscosity dominates
O/W emulsions --> depends on droplet size
Is flow in emulsification with ultrasound turbulent/laminar and which forces (viscous/inertial) dominate?
Inertial forces, created by the cavitation of the vapour bubbles.
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