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Study Cards on fibrous, consist, false

Food fats and oils consist primarily of triacylglycerols (TAGs)? T/F
A glass is the thermodynamic most favourable state? T/F
An anisotropic food structure:
  • Means that the product has equal properties in all directions
  • Is typically encountered in fibrous foods (e.g. Meat)
  • Is typically encountered in food emulsions (e.g. Mayonnaise)
  • Cannot be achieved if the food contains immiscible phases
Is typically encountered in fibrous foods (e.g. Meat)
According to the CDS formalism, oil, water and proteins are abbreviated as O, W and P, respectively. The denotation for an oil-in-water emulsion stabilised by proteins is therefore
  • (O@P)/W
  • (P@O)/W
  • (W@P)/O
  • (P@W)/O
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