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Study Cards on fo, gluten, transforms

If we remove some water from a sugar solution such that we exceed the solubility limit of sugar
  • A supersaturated solution forms
  • The system is in thermodynamic equilibrium
  • Ice crystals form
  • The overall viscosity of the product decreases
A supersaturated solution forms
A first step in the making of bread is the creation of a dough. Dough is prepared by mixing water and wheat flour at room temperature. What is the main reason for water addition?
  • The addition of water transforms the gluten from a glass into a rubber
  • In this processing step, water causes starch gelatinisation
  • Water is a prerequisite for the Maillard reaction
  • Water allows the formation of additional crosslinks in the gluten network
The addition of water transforms the gluten from a glass into a rubber
Nowadays, thicker French fries have become popular. An increased size leads for a given residence time to
  • A larger Fo and Bi number
  • A larger Fo, but smaller Bi number
  • A smaller Fo, but larger Bi number
  • Smaller Fo and Bi numbers
A smaller Fo, but larger Bi number
Heating can induce protein denaturation, which can, in turn, induce protein network formation T/F
Heating promotes non-enzymatic browning reactions T/F
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