Study Cards on solidification, melts, deformable

Which solidification mechanisms are available to entrap structures?
  • Melting and solidifiation
  • The use of plasticizers
  • Crosslinking of biopolymers
  • Other solidification mechanisms
What happens at high temperature processing of proteins?
Up till 120 C, they act solid-like. At even higher temperatures, the protein melts upon heating. This protein is more deformable as the hydrophobic interactions start to decrease at elevated temperature, making it suitable for structuring purposes. However, at those high temperatures, additional chemical reactions take place, which means that melting of protein cannot be considered as a physical transition only.
How is the solubility of a calcium salt related to the rate of solidification?
  • A good soluble salt (CaCl2) has a faster solidification reaction.
  • A less soluble salt (CaSO4) reduces the activity of the Ca-ion in the dispersion and has a lower solidification rate.
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