Summary: Fsim

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Read the summary and the most important questions on FSIM

  • 1 FSIM Organisation and responsibilities

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  • 1.1 .

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  • Its Departure time - 60 what do you do?

    • You check in at the airport (2x)
    • You take a label when you have your suitcase
    • You print your roster 
    • You hand over your bag 
    • And you go to the briefing room
  • HOME, What do you do at home to prepare yourself before the beginning of the critical time path?

    - Check your passport
    - Check your high visibility jacket 
    - Check your attestation 
    - Check your mail 
    - Refresh your lido docs
    * Extra check if there is no traffic jam
    * Extra check about the weather conditions 
  • Its Departure -42, what do you do after de pre-flight briefing?

    • You pick up the flight deck crew
    • You check the signs where the aircraft is based/situated
  • Its Departure -30, where are you and what do you do?

    I'm at the aircraft and I perform a cabin pre-flight check as soon as possible
    After that:
    1. I check the catering
    2. I check the cabin and the toilets 
  • When do you have to wear your high visibility jacket?

    The jacket must be taken along at all times when on duty. These jackets must be worn by flight and cabin crew at all times ont he ramp, but not inside a building or an airbridge.
  • 2 Equipment

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  • Is it allowed to leave trolleys unattended?

    No it's not allowed to leave trolley's unattended, either ask your colleague to help you or to supervise the trolley or you take it back with you.
  • What is the pre-flight check on the F70 dräger PBE?

    -In place yellow serviceability indicator and seal in tact
  • How long will the Dräger PBE give oxygen and when does this start?

    It will supply you with 20 minutes of oxygen and it starts when you start breathing or when you pull the landyard.
  • Halon Fokker 70 what is the pre flight check?

    1. In place
    2. Safety catch in place
    3. wire in tact 
    4. red disc in place 
  • How do you operate the Halon at Fokker 70

    1. Unsnap the quick release mounting strap and remove the extinguisher 
    2. Check serviceability 
    3. Hold upright 
    4. Release the safety catch , push it upwards this breaks the wire
    5. For open fires, stand back 1.2-1.8 meters
    6. Aim at base of fire
    7. Drepress trigger fully, red disc will be pushed off 
    8. Sweep systematically from side to side
    9. The halon last for 10 seconds

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