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Summary Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering

- William D Callister, et al
ISBN-13 9781119249252
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A snapshot of the summary - Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering Author: William D Callister, and David G Rethwisch ISBN: 9781119249252

  • 2 Atomic Structure and Interatomic Bonding

  • Name the two atomic models cited, and note the differences between them.
    Bohr and wave mechanical. Whereas the Bohr model assumes electrons to be particles orbiting the nucleus in discrete paths, in wave mechanics we consider them to be wavelike and treat electron position in terms of probability distribution.
  • Describe the important quantum-mechanical principle that relates to electron energies.
    The energies of electrons are quantized, only specific values of energy are allowed.
  • What is the Pauli Exclusion principle?
    Each electron state can accommodate no more than two electrons which must have opposite spins.
  • What bonds contain ceramics?
    Ionic bonds/mixed ionic-covalent bonds
  • What bonds contain molecular solids?
    Van der Waals bonds
  • What bonds contain Semi-metals?
    Mixed covalent-metallic bonds
  • What bonds contain intermetallics?
    Mixed metallic-ionic bonds
  • 2.1 Introduction

  • What do properties of solid materials depend on?
    The geometric arrangements and by interactions that exist among constituent atoms or molecules.
  • 2.2 Fundamental Concepts

  • What is the atomic mass of a specific atom?
    The sum of the masses of protons and neutrons within the nucleus.
  • 2.3 Electrons in Atoms

  • What is the Bohr atomic model?
    A model that assumes that electrons revolve around the atomic nucleus in discrete orbitals.
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