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Summary Genen en Cellen deel tentamen 2

- Genen en Cellen deel tentamen 2
- 2021 - 2022
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A snapshot of the summary - Genen en Cellen deel tentamen 2

  • 1 Hoorcollege Cellen 1 H9 signaaltransductie

  • 1.1 Hoorcollege

  • Hoe verloopt de Signaaltramsductie met EGF molecules?
    1) Eiwitten binden aan geactiveerde receptor
    2) Complex Grb/ sos verandert van conformatie
    3) kan daarna Ras/GDP binden 

    4) Ras verliest GDP en bindt GTP --> conformatie verandering --> binding Raf
    5) RAS/RAF bindt MEK en RAF phosphoryleert/activeert MEK
    6) MEK phosphoryleert / activeert ERK
  • 1.2 Connecttoets

  • In ... , signals paass through a cell junction from one cell to adjacent
    Direct intracellulair signaling
  • Membrane- bound signals bind to receptors on adjacent cells in the process of ....
    Contact- dependent signaling
  • An example of ... Is when cells release signals that affect themselves and nearby target cells.
    Autocriene signalling
  • Cells release signals that travel long distances to affect target cells during ...
    Endocrine signaling
  • What would interfere with the actions of epinephrine through a G-protein coupled receptor?
    A different molecule that binds to the G-protein coupled receptor

  • Epinephrine inhibits salivary gland activity and muscle cell contraction in the airways, yet stimulates glycogen release in muscle cells and heart muscle cell contraction.  How could one hormone have opposing effects on different organs?

    Cells in the different tissues would have epinephrine receptors coupled to different signaling pathways.
  • A  mutation in a G-protein prevents the alpha-subunit from dissociating from the beta/gamma-subunit.  What effect will this have on the pathway in which the G-protein is involved?
    The pathway will be underactivated
  • The ligand that activates the G-protein linked receptor is ...
    An extracellular signaling molecule
  • When inactive, the alpha subunit of the G-protein is bound to ...
    A GDP molecule
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