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Summary Genetics: Analysis And Principles

- Robert Brooker
ISBN-10 126057122X ISBN-13 9781260571226
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A snapshot of the summary - Genetics: Analysis And Principles Author: Robert Brooker ISBN: 9781260571226

  • 3 Chromosome transmission during cell division and sexual reproduction

  • What is a somatic cell?
    Any cell of the body that is not a gamete or a precursor to a gamete.
  • When a species is diploid, how are the members of a pair called?
  • 3.2 Cell division

  • What is asexual reproduction?
    A process in which an existing cell divides to produce two new cells.
  • What is, besides asexual reproduction, another purpose of cell division?
    Achieving multicellularity.
  • By what process does a bacterial cell divide?
    Binary fission (the two daughter cells divide by the forming of a septum.
  • How are the series of phases called in which a eukaryotic cell divide?
    The cell cycle
  • How are the G1, S, and G2 phase collectively called?
  • What is the G0 phase?
    A phase in which a cell does not divide.
  • What happens in the G1 phase?
    The cell makes new proteins to advance through the rest of the cell cycle.
  • When the cell has produces enough proteins, what has the cell reached?
    The restriction point.
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