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Summary Geography

- Geography
- Lies
- 2015 - 2016
- Metameer - Stevensbeekseweg (Stevensbeek)
- Klas 3 VWO TTO
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A snapshot of the summary - Geography Author: Iemand

  • 1 Colonization and landscape

  • From when on did the the colonists inland?
    from 1800
  • 1.1 The shifting frontier

  • What did America look like at that time?
    It was an empty continent with very little man-made landscape. Half a million Indians lived there, but they were spread over an enormous area as big as Europe. 
  • Who were the fist immigrants and what did they do?
    The English, on the east coast they founded thirteen colonies.
  • What happened in 1776?
    the thirteen colonies declared their independence from England. Together they formed the United States of America (US).
  • 1.2 Landscape at forty degrees

  • In what Landscape do you start when you travel New York to San Francisco?
    at the Coastal Plain on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean 
  • Where to you end when you travel from New York to San Francisco?
    at the Coastal Ranges on the edge of the Pacific. 
  • What are the differences between the Appalachians and the the Rocky mountains?
    Appalachians are low mountain range: 500-1500 m
    They appalachians are old mountain range
  • Where do the extensive Interior Plains lie?
    between the "Rockies"in the west an the Appalachians in the east.
  • What are the interior plains?
    This is a large-scale agricultural area that is mostly flat
  • What is the east part of the Interior plains?
    lower than 500 m (coastal Plain) and is known as the Central Plain. A lot of maize is grown in this region, which is known as the Corn Belt. 
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