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Summary Getting to know Dutch society coursebook

- Bas Schuyt
ISBN-10 9086741193 ISBN-13 9789086741199
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A snapshot of the summary - Getting to know Dutch society coursebook Author: Bas Schuyt ISBN: 9789086741199

  • 1 What is Social Studies?

  • In what way can you compare a society with a family?

    There are rules as well, ones with more power than the other this can lead to problems or success just as in a society.

  • On what do the applicable rules depend?

    - the view of those who have the most power

    - the influence of those who have a subordinate position

    - the power each party has to get its way

  • In the Netherlands the most important regulations are set democratically, what does this mean?

    By means of election, citizens have a certain amount of influence on the rules and regulations which apply in their society.

  • Which other oppertunity does democracy give?

    They have some say in the way social problems are tackled.

  • Give an example of a development that had huge consequences on the society which was never predicted.

    The improvements in medical treatment leads to people living longer than in the past.

  • Where can conflicting interests arise from most of the time?

    differences in: political vision, religious conviction, philosophy of life or socio-economic status.

  • Why can conflicting interests also occur in one and the same person?

    Because someone can have different arguments, pro and con, for a problem.

  • Why can we call social problems political problems?

    solving social problems always means drawing up new regulations and laws. politicians, weigh all the interests against each other.

  • 1.2 Social studies as a curriculum subject

  • What is they key question for the theme parliamentary democracy?

    How is the Netherlands governed and how does political decision making function in practice?

  • What is the key question of the theme pluralist Society?

    What is the best way to get along with other people and cultures in a pluralist society?

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