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Summary Globalisation

- Globalisation
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- 2018 - 2019
- Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
- Communicatiewetenschap
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A snapshot of the summary - Globalisation

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  • What do we mean with the sceptalist view on globalisation (Hirst & Thompson?)
    They say globalisation was not something that happened outside our thinking. Politicians used 'globalisation' as an argument for persuing certain policies by saying there is no other solution because of globalisation. Thompson said we made globalisation happen because of our policies to 'prevent' it. Also, sceptalists say that globalisation is not something new.
  • What is the difference between globalisation and westernisation/universalisation/liberalisation?
    westernisation: globalisation also covers issues like the rise of China and not only the western domination. Also westernisation is older than globalisation (colonies) 
    universalisation:  we see a reïnforcement of local cultures maybe because of globalisation. It is true that we are becoming more alike in terms of culture. 
    liberalisation: liberalisation has to do with the free market economy. Globalisation is more than that (?)
  • What does steger mean with glocalisation?
    He means that the local is not disappearing.
  • Why is globalisation a multi-dimensional proces?
    Because not every country experience the same amount of global influence and global development. Example: north korea is less globalised than the Dutch society
  • What are the four qualities of globalisation as a proces according to Steger?
    1. creating new kind of networks and multiplication of excisting connection across different continets 
    2. expansion of social relations
    3. intensifying of social exchange 
    4. the growth of global human consciousness
  • During the lecture, we talked about the history of globalisation. Which four stages were described and what were the links with globalisation?
    - premodern age: started writing and the invention of the wheel 
    - early modern age: european expansionism and starting to trade with Asia 
    - modern age: western domination and industrial revolution. Also: wall street crash 
    - contemporary period: end of the cold war, acceleration of globalisation proces because of neo liberalistic ideas of the US
  • What is the history of economic globalisation?
    After WW2 until 1970, globalisation was still limited. There was a lot of focus on the national states so they were able to recover after the war. After the 1970, we see a rise in the global market. Capital controls were abolished.
  • What are todays characteristics of the contemporary economic globalisation?
    - the rise of transnational organisations 
    -  globally integrated financial markets
  • Klaus Schwab says that people start to worry about globalisation, also the elite? Why does the elite worry?
    They worry because globalisation is leading to more inequality which results into migration
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  • Are states still souvereign? Why yes and why no?
    No: states are not souvereign because of NGO's, terrorist organisation, corporate actors all have influence on the state. 
    Yes: states are souvereign because there is no authority that can force them to certain actions. Also, states can resign from earlier agreements
PLEASE KNOW!!! There are just 84 flashcards and notes available for this material. This summary might not be complete. Please search similar or other summaries.

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