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Summary Globalization in Asia

- Geo
- Marian Meulenkamp
- 2013 - 2014
- Metameer
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A snapshot of the summary - Globalization in Asia

  • 1 Focus on East and South - East Asia

  • East and South - East Asia are two different cultural regions, but they are also similar in some ways. What are the similarities?
    1. the people in both regions eat lots of rice, which is the main ingredient in their diet.
    2. feeling of togetherness in the group
  • How can you see rice is the main ingredient?
    You can see that in their landscape. There are rice fields, all over East and South-East Asia.
  • What is a sawah?
    a rice field that is always flooded (irrigation).
  • What is wet rice farming?
    Growing rice on sawahs 
  • How many rice harvest do farmes get a year?
    two or three
  • Why do farmers get two or three harvests a year?
    because lots of people work hard for long periods of time in each field. Working on sawahs is very labour-intensive. 
  • 1.1 population: lots of people + G 108

  • How can you work out the population density?
    by dividing the population of a country by the surface area. 
  • Where are the heaviest population concentrations?
    in the east of China and on the Indonesian island of Java.
  • How are the other regions populated?
  • 1.2 Population policy + G 112

  • By how many does the population in East and South-East Asia grow every year?
    fifteen million
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