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Summary Grab Bag Activity - NH

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  • 1 Toolbar And Tesla Layout

  • When creating a new account, this icon should be selected.
    New caller wizard
  • The information entered in this window will be saved in the History tab.
    Identify caller box/window
  • This field lists the designated Sales Reps name.
    Territory code
  • This icon is selected to enter a ticket into ServiceNow.
    Exclamation point
  • The services sub tab of the _________ tab houses blocked products and services.
  • This icon may be selected to retrieve the Identify Caller window.
  • If a Billing Code is entered in the POCC field of a client account that information will appear on .
    All calls scheduled by that specific client
  • List 2 ways in which a new client account may be created.
    New caller wizard and client>new
  • When creating a new account, this option should always be selected in the How Heard field.
    In-house standard
  • Name a reason why it is important to verify all information when setting up a new client profile.
    To avoid creating duplicate accounts, to ensure the clients information appears on their invoice correctly, etc.
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