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Summary Handbook Of Project-Based Management, Fourth Edition

- Rodney Turner
ISBN-10 0071821783 ISBN-13 9780071821780
207 Flashcards & Notes
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A snapshot of the summary - Handbook of Project-Based Management, Fourth Edition Author: Rodney Turner ISBN: 9780071821780

  • 1 Leading change

  • 1.1 Projects and their management

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  • When will the temporary organization be disbanded?
    When the desired future state is achieved.
  • What can be the resources to do the work in the project?
    or all three of them.
  • What are the features of the work of the project?
    it's unique
    it's novel
    it's transcient.
  • What are the pressures created by the features of the work of the project?
    • transcience: urgency
    • novelty; new ways of working and hence to integrate the working of people from across established organizational structures
    • uniqueness: uncertainty
  • What's the use of planning on a project if you cannot predict what happens working on a project?
    The plan must be used as a framework for coordination, but you must be ready and willing to change it as the project progresses.
  • What are the two groups of people that are involved on the project?
    • owner
    • contractor
  • What is the cost control cube?
    CBS, OBS and PBS together. They are part of a methodolgy called the cost and schedule control systems criteria (C/SCSC), which has now been incorporated into earned value analysis (EVA)
  • What's the second dimension of project-based management?
    The processes we follow to convert vision into reality.
    The two components are:
    1. The project process (that takes us from vision to reality)
    2. The management process
  • Discribe a basic five-step project process
    1. concept
    2. feasibility (haalbaarheid)
    3. design
    4. execution (implementatie)
    5. closeout
  • What's the third dimension of project-based management?
    The project-levels. The levels over which the project is managed.

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