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Summary Handbook Organisation and Management A Practical Approach

- Jos Marcus, et al
ISBN-10 9001895646 ISBN-13 9789001895648
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A snapshot of the summary - Handbook Organisation and Management A Practical Approach Author: Jos Marcus Nick van Dam ISBN: 9789001895648

  • 0 The evolution of organisation and management

  • What is the meaning of evolution of human resource management in the business world?
    This is the evolution in our business lifes and the resources we now have to do our management.
  • In the HR journey you have 3 different phases between year 1890 untill now. Which phases are this?
    • 2nd industrial revolution
    • World wars
    • Globalization
  • 1 Environmental influences

  • An organisation can be affected by their surrounding. An organization can be affected by those environmental influences that it does not have significant control over. How are these influences called?
    • Economic developments
    • Technical developments
    • Climate
    • Demographic developments
  • How do you call a person, group or organization that has interest or concern in an organization and can affect or be affected by the organization's actions, objectives and policies?
  • What are different types of stakeholders?
    • Buyers
    • Suppliers
    • Competitors
    • Capital providers
    • Employees
    • Special interest groups
    • Government and local authority institution
    • Media
  • Stakeholders have a direct influece on organizations. This is also including 8 other factors. How do you call these factors?
    • Buyers
    • Suppliers
    • Competitors
    • Providers of finance
    • Employees
    • Special interest groups
    • Government and local authority institutions
    • Media
  • By what can an organization be affected, over which is does not have control?
    Environmental influences
  • What is it called to direct an organization by taking into account the influence of tis surroundings?
  • Economic growth in the past few decades can be linked to a rise in pollution and the exhaustion of natural resources. What are the main environmantal problems?
    • The loss of biodiversity
    • Climate change
    • Over exploitation of natural resources
    • Health threats
    • Threats to external safety
    • Changes to the environment we live in
  • Which development is continuous, market driven and can deliver better products cheaper and faster?
    Technological factors
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