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Summary Hap2018

- HAP2018
- wisa
- 2018 - 2019
- Wageningen University (Wageningen University, Wageningen)
- Nutrition and Health
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A snapshot of the summary - HAP2018

  • Digestive system

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  • Mass flow of nutrients (through body and cells) consists of:
    Nutritional input, physiological output and metabolism
  • What does microbial fermentation by microbiota in colon?
    It provides energy (no amino acids) for the host
  • Temperature and time in which random bonds are hydrolysed:
    10-12 hours at 105 degrees
  • What are anabolic reactions?
    Synthesis of body constituents
  • What are catabolic reactions?
    Release of energy from food or body constituents
  • Post prandial phase
    Digestion, absorption and storage
    (storage, interconversion, oxidation)
    Input is larger than needs
  • Post absorptive phase
    Usage (utilisation)
    (turnover, interconversion, oxidation) 
    Input is lower than needs
  • DIT: under specific conditions, consequences of PPM
    might change metabolic settings
  •  Transfer of monomers from food to body requires
    Digestion to absorbable (water soluble) components
  • Protective devices against autodigestion are
    mucus layer and high cell-turnover

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